Pickup and delivery service 

Dropping off and picking up equipment for repair can be time-consuming. With our pickup and delivery service, we will collect defective equipment such as two-way radios and smart devices at your address. Once repaired, we’ll deliver the equipment right to your door.

As your fleet of communication devices grows, managing them can become time-consuming. Our pickup and delivery service handles the collection of defective equipment and the return of repaired devices at your premises. This makes your management quick and efficient.

Flexible pickup and delivery service

Your organisation makes extensive use of portable equipment such as two-way radios and smart devices. Consequently, you have several devices that you want to have repaired by Flash (almost) every week. With our pickup and delivery service, you can be certain that defective equipment will be picked up quickly and efficiently and returned after repair. We’ll come whenever it suits you: we’ll agree on a fixed day, a time slot and a place at your address and we’ll make sure we’re always on time.

Our pickup and return service is provided on the basis of a fixed agreed weekly or monthly fee. This is based on the understanding that Flash can pick up and deliver the equipment at the reception or porter’s lodge, so that there’s no need to enter the work site. It’s also possible to customise this service. For example, you can opt for Flash to provide replacement equipment in the event of repairs.

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