Contract Management

Our Online Customer Portal gives you 24/7 real-time access to your rental and service contracts, including underlying documents such as reports and procedures.

When it comes to contract management, we offer you complete transparency: on our Online Customer Portal you can access your contracts anytime and anywhere. This portal also shows you all the equipment covered by your contracts, service reports, financial agreements, maintenance plans, agreements and procedures. This way you are always up to date.

Digital Contract Management

The Online Customer Portal gives you full access to your contracts and everything related to them. Thanks to the link with our Service Management System, you can always check the Customer Portal to see when maintenance is due or has been carried out. You can consult all work orders and are updated on any breakdowns, repairs and maintenance. The Portal provides insight into current service calls at device level. You can also submit new service calls and order equipment through the Online Customer Portal. The portal contains a personal top ten of equipment already included in the rental contract, so the right type of two-way radio or smart device with accessories can be ordered in an instant. Fully digital, so always fast and clear.

Components of this service

We will prepare service reports for you based on your specific wishes. Our Service Level Manager will discuss the performance indicators in these reports with you on a regular basis. We will review the performance of the past period together and discuss areas where the service can be further optimised. This gives you insight into the service provided, the costs, the trends and the points for improvement.

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