Project Management

During the implementation of your communication solution, you can count on a Flash project manager who is in charge and who stays in constant contact with you. Based on the project plan, we ensure that the solution is implemented as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A successful project stands or falls with good project management and a clear project plan. We also think it is very important that you are constantly informed of the status of the project. You maintain close contact with your project manager. This means that developments that affect the project can always be discussed directly.

Project plan and scope

In the project plan you will find clear objectives, a description of the expected end result, the most important activities to achieve this result, the phasing, management products and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). On the basis of this project plan – approved by you – the project manager ensures that the project runs smoothly. He or she manages the internal organization and keeps you informed of the progress.

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