Kenwood radios & walkie talkies

A large part of our rental fleet of 26,000 devices consists of Kenwood products. On this page, in addition to information about renting and buying this equipment, you can also find our Kenwood product catalogue.

Rent Kenwood walkie talkies?

Kenwood’s walkie-talkies have very robust housings and ample features that vary by model. There is something for every price range. For example, there are models that support functionalities that offer the user extra safety such as emergency calls. Based on your requirements and wishes, we will find a walkie-talkie that suits your company. You can also first get acquainted with an entry-level model and later expand with a walkie-talkie that offers even more functions.

With a wide range of walkie-talkies, Kenwood offers various models for security, BHV, construction, events, hospitality and retail, among others. For both SMEs and large events or large companies, Kenwood also has the right walkie-talkies in its range.  In short, Kenwood offers a solution for every (work) environment.

Two-way radio rental at Flash

At Flash, you can rent equipment for one day or for a longer period. For any desired period, you can rent (ATEX) radios, smartphones, tablets and various accessories. Our equipment is in perfect condition. And with our extensive rental fleet of more than 26,000 walkie-talkies, mobiles, base stations, smartphones and tablets, we have plenty of capacity. Much of our rental pool is ATEX certified and therefore suitable for use in explosive environments.

In addition, you can count on 24/7 service and we offer numerous optional rental services so that we can take work off your hands. At Flash, we call this complete carefree service!

Purchase Kenwood two-way radios

You can also opt to buy Kenwood walkie-talkies and/or other equipment from us. Then you are the owner of the equipment, but if you want more support you can take out an additional service contract.

Need help buying a Kenwood walkie-talkie? Our experts are available every working day to advise you on the best walkie-talkie and solution for your situation. Extensive analyses and coverage measurements on location are also possible in order to come to the right advice. During this process we look together with you for the best tailored communication solution. Request a quote.

Analogue or digital walkie-talkie?

Kenwood offers both digital and analog walkie-talkies. Not sure what you need? We are happy to help you with this. Meanwhile, most walkie-talkies are digital and analog. At Flash we therefore have a wide choice of various Kenwood walkie-talkies that can be used both analog and digital. The walkie-talkies in our range are suitable for professional/industrial use and work with a license to use the frequencies. With the establishment of (private) networks for this, we would like to help you on your way.

Also ATEX available

In many critical industries, ATEX may be a requirement for the safe use of walkie-talkies. Think of refineries, drilling platforms or laboratories. With our DMR ATEX walkie-talkies, you ensure that everyone can be reached even in explosive environments. The ATEX certification guarantees absolute safety when used in areas where flammable substances are produced, processed, transported and stored. Our DMR ATEX walkie-talkies are very robust and suitable for use in ATEX standardized work areas. Kenwood has some ATEX-proof walkie-talkies.

Kenwood catalogue

Below you can find our current Kenwood product range. From Kenwood walkie-talkies to mobile phones. Our accessories such as Kenwood headsets and earphones are not listed here, but are available.  Are you looking for a specific product but can’t find it? Contact us to discuss the possibilities. Chances are we can still supply you.

Kenwood accessoires and headphones

To optimize the comfort of using the walkie-talkies, Kenwood has a number of accessories available. These include earphones, chargers, multi-chargers, bags, spare parts and much more. In the overview above, you might have noticed that accessories such as Kenwood earphones, headsets and other accessories are not listed here. Of course, we can provide these, as well as extra battery and of course our 24/7 service packages that will always get you back up and running quickly in case of unexpected problems. Our knowledgeable professionals will be happy to help you find the right walkie-talkie accessories.

Kenwood walkie talkie set

With Kenwood two-way radio sets, all on-site communication problems are history. Together with our consultants we will look for a suitable walkie-talkie and other equipment for your problem. Order a Kenwood walkie-talkie set from Flash and you are provided with a complete solution for your business communication in one go.

Official Kenwood Partner

As an authorized partner of Kenwood, Flash can call itself a true product specialist of the highest level. As a service organization, we are your partner for service, repair and maintenance of Kenwood walkie-talkies, mobile phones and networks.  So you are assured of extra fast and adequate service.

Although Kenwood is a good choice in this industry, there are other brands that also offer high-quality products. These include Motorola and Hytera, which we also have plenty to choose from. So buying a Kenwood walkie-talkie can be the right choice for you but also take a look at our other brands of walkie-talkies.

Newest Kenwood models

As a Kenwood Partner, we have access to the latest models of both TETRA and DMR standard. Are you missing a (new) walkie-talkie on our website? Feel free to contact us and we will discuss the possibilities.

Are you interested in Kenwood walkie-talkies? Then call Flash directly for professional advice. Our advisors are ready to help you.