Safety and Efficiency through System Integration

As a specialist in system integration, we design, build and manage mission and business critical networks and equipment. Smart integrations ensure optimal cooperation between existing systems and new (partial) solutions. In doing so, we eliminate manual work, make error-prone processes safer and increase the personal efficiency of your people. And most importantly, we take full responsibility for how it works.

We can only do this because we know your market. From industry and events to healthcare and public order and safety, we are familiar with the challenges of integrating communications, security, control rooms and signalling. We always operate independently of any brand, because for us technology is not an end in itself, but a means to improving the cooperation, effectiveness and security of your organisation. Needless to say, we only cooperate with partners who guarantee our core values of quality, continuity and innovation.

You can rely on Flash for the rental and maintenance of two-way radios based on existing technologies, up to the development of one integrated application for data and voice based on the latest technologies. We are innovative and always look beyond traditional voice and data communication. We do this with solutions (or integrations such as) Flash Smartcom and Flash Smart Alert, when existing mission-critical TETRA networks lack the functionality to send data or when regular public broadband networks do not meet the mission-critical standard. Our own solutions, such as Smart Com, combine these two requirements, and offer a mission-critical network that also allows you to send various forms of data. The shift towards broadband technology opens up a world of possibilities!

We are a system integrator because we:

• Connect organisations, people and systems in a smart way;
• Are independently of any brand;
• Constantly innovate;
• Co-create with our customers and partners;
• Have and share in-depth knowledge (about the market, business processes and technology);
• Offer a full-service service concept;
• Have a mindset that is aimed at the ‘Art of Clear Communication’.


Wim Stam

Wim Stam

Chief Technology Officer

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