Lightning fast and short lines of communication for the Leuven Bears 

The Basketball club Stella Artois Leuven Bears has played at the top level of the Belgian league for years. The combined club has been active since 2003 and has scored well in the Scooore League for years. In 2005, they won the tournament cup. A top-level team can rely on a top-level organisation thanks in part to radio communication. 

Frank Pietermaat, match organiser, explains: “Organising matches for the Scooore League is not child’s play. Thanks to lightning fast and short lines of communication, we can put on a good, professional event.” The Stella Artois Bears, as the team is also called thanks to its chief sponsor AB Inbev, has been renting from Flash Private Mobile Networks for years. The services cover coordination of the games, catering and security.  

Good accessibility highly important 

When organising large events, such as the basketball matches, it is important that everyone receives the same information and is accessible. Pietermaat: “Thanks to Flash, we have access to very user-friendly two-way radios. We work with a large and varying group of volunteers, and everyone understands the equipment. This means we can quickly get down to business.” 

Efforts are made at every match to make further improvements. Recently, the Leuven Bears tested their disaster plan. “A fast and clear connection means we stay calm. Everyone must be on the same frequency, so we are all up to speed. No waiting for a connection, but direct contact. This makes or breaks safety.” 

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