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Guaranteed coverage and accessibility for road inspectors Province of North Holland

The road inspectors of the Province of North Holland ensure safe and optimal traffic flow at all times and in all weather conditions. Mutual mission critical group communication is crucial. They have great responsibility and take care of clearing the road in case of incidents, taking safety measures and informing road users about dangerous situations. The highways inspectors receive traffic reports via the traffic centre, arrange for the recovery of vehicles and divert traffic as quickly as possible. 

Rijkswaterstaat, police,ambulance, fire brigade, municipalities and provinces therefore work intensively together with road inspectors where every second counts. For their mission critical communication they were looking for a network that guarantees absolute coverage and availability in the vast area of North Holland. Through a European Tender, the contract was awarded to PrioCom business partner Flash Private Mobile Networks. Flash is PrioCom’s business partner and markets the PrioCom mission critical voice and data service under the name Smart Com. 

Intensive cooperation

Practice shows that not only is the communication between highways inspectors crucial, but also the communication between other emergency services and traffic centres. “During major incidents in the past, communication sometimes left something to be desired: the walkie-talkies we used could only cover a short distance, or road inspectors were on the phone, did not know what was expected of them, or accidentally left their phones in the car so that we could not reach them at a greater distance. 

Road inspectors from the province of North Holland wanted full coverage over their extensive working area, which was really necessary. After all, whether you are in the Gooi region, on Texel, in a remote tunnel or on the waterways: you need to be able to reach them directly, connect easily and understand each other well. 

After a European Tender, Flash Smart Com was chosen and a full service contract was signed for 3 years with an option to extend. The main reasons for choosing the solution of Smart Com were the guaranteed coverage over the area, the user-friendliness for all levels, the possibilities of switching between various call groups, the service and quality and the compact size of the device. It is the perfect solution for us.” 

Coverage everywhere

During the tender process, Flash performed pre-test measurements at locations specifically designated by the Province of North Holland, such as tunnels that are not always open to the public, open dune areas, locks on waterways and busy junctions around the capital’s ring road.
“With the remote speaker microphone attached to the lapel of their jacket, the users can communicate easily and safely. During the implementation, a number of functional call groups were also set up for unambiguous communication. The employees can now work well with the various call groups that are now in use. 

Mega profit

With Smart Com, the highways inspectors have a solution at local, regional and national level. PrioCom’s mission critical voice and data service uses the T-Mobile 4G network. A high availability of the network is realised by reserving capacity especially for PrioCom users. This capacity is not accessible for non-critical users. 

“We have noticed that since the implementation of Smart Com the mutual communication has improved considerably. Previously, communication was by walkie-talkie for short distances or by telephone, and that often meant miscommunication due to poor range. Now, with one push of a button, you can immediately reach all the colleagues involved in the incident. This allows us to work faster and more efficiently and to call in others. This group communication is very important to the highways inspectors, which is a huge advantage. 

Even more reasons why road inspectors of the Province of North Holland chose Smart Com: 

  • Guaranteed network coverage 
  • Easy participation in different call groups 
  • Excellent accessibility 
  • User-friendly in practice 
  • A fast call setup of 0.5 seconds
  • Immediate and flexible deployment  


Berry Kuijpers

Berry Kuijpers

Senior Account Manager

Send a message or call +31 (0) 181 25 00 25

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Berry Kuijpers

Berry Kuijpers

Senior Account Manager

Send a message or call +31 (0) 181 25 00 25

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