At Kempenhaeghe, Flash Smart Control saves vital minutes

Kempenhaeghe, with locations in Heeze, Oosterhout and Sterksel, is a centre of expertise for epileptology, sleep medicine and neurocognition. In the care centre, children and adults who (may) have a complex type of epilepsy, serious sleep disorders and/or neurological learning and development disorders are diagnosed and treated. These problems can go hand in hand with other illnesses and can, moreover, lead to issues related to living, working, learning and relationships. In addition to patient care, Kempenhaeghe’s core tasks are scientific research and the transfer of knowledge to referring doctors. 

Ramon Janssen, who is involved with integral safety and is jointly responsible for the fire prevention and emergency response policy at Kempenhaeghe, explains: “Our centres are hives of activity. The residents are treated day and night, they undergo examinations and therapy. Many of our residents cannot call for help independently and in some cases are completely dependent on the emergency responders.”  

Every second counts 

Janssen: “Our centres are in wooded areas and we regularly have to go in search of residents who have lost their way. Moreover, (false) fire alarms regularly go off because of cooking and condensation. There are various circumstances and frequent situations in which every second counts. At such times, ensuring the emergency responders get clear and immediate information can be a matter of life and death.” 

Nerve-racking moments 

He continues: “We cannot afford to waste time summoning the emergency responders. We faced this problem when we still used an automated system for phone follow-up. If a patient was in danger and quickly needed help, the system alerted the emergency response team by phone. But if the call wasn’t answered, it took a while before the next call was  made. And all that time you don’t know whether and when the next call will be picked up. Those are nerve-racking moments…”  

Unnecessary time loss 

Janssen: “Plus, the system required a lot of organisation because the staff is constantly changing. Day, evening and night shifts, weekends and holidays all mean the call lists must be constantly updated. A lot of work and even worse, the chance of errors due to the complexity of it. People could in fact be called who weren’t there at all which led to undue delays.” 

Problems solved thanks to Flash Smart Control 

“Since 2012, those problems have been solved thanks to Flash Smart Control, combined with NEXEDGE and pagers.” Flash Smart Control, a platform that is simple and efficient to use, enabling all communication systems to be linked and monitored on a clear dashboard, was installed on a PC at the Kempenhaeghe reception desk.  

User-friendly platform 

Ramon Janssen: “You get a very clear picture of which buttons activate which functions. It is very logically organised and we found that after a brief explanation everyone is able to operate the system intuitively.” 

Dispatched directly to the right location  

At Kempenhaeghe, the fire alarm control units are also linked to Flash Smart Control. When an automatic sensor detects smoke, a signal is sent to Flash Smart Control, which relays a text message to the pagers. “The emergency response team goes directly to the place where smoke was detected, which saves time because the team members no longer have to be summoned and they can go straight to the right location.” He adds: “If a patient is lost, a message is sent via Flash Smart Control to the pagers with the description and the location where the patient was last seen. All emergency responders are simultaneously notified of the situation.” 

Watertight system 

In conclusion: “Because we now have a much better grip on the organisation, we no longer have to summon all the emergency responders and can take a much more targeted approach. We continually have 18 emergency responders selected and don’t have to involve others in the care process. Presence registration in Flash Smart Control is watertight, so we are assured that those 18 emergency responders are truly on hand. In this way, Flash Smart Control contributes to the efficiency of our care process and the safety of our patients.”  

Henk Hempel

Henk Hempel

Senior Account Manager

Send a message or call +31 (0) 181 25 00 25

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Henk Hempel

Henk Hempel

Senior Account Manager

Send a message or call +31 (0) 181 25 00 25

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