Vokkero Full-Duplex Two-Way Radio

Vokkero offers a simple form of open line communication where hands-free communication is easy and clear. Through open line communication, you are in direct contact with your colleagues without the need for a transmission action. Guaranteed communication with a range of up to 1.2 km. Thanks to digital technology, efficient use is made of the available frequencies to support multi-group communications (four groups per frequency). In addition, all communication is secured based on AES128, and a supervisor can be assigned priority.

Thanks to a patented noise filter in combination with an advanced VOX circuit, communication is always loud and clear, even in windy and noisy conditions. The communication line is only open when people are talking, to ensure the optimal use of the battery.
With their straightforward configuration and great ease of use, the Vokkero devices are easy and effortless to use.

The Vokkero devices come with matching accessories such as headsets, charger and, if required, a protective case. Cases are available for up to 4 two-way radios including charger and power supply and cases for up to 8 two-way radios including charger and power supply.

Product Features

  • Digital, Secure and Hands-Free Group Communication

Rental rates

Rental period - Prices per dayDayWeekMonth2 months6 months1 year
Guardian Plus including charger and battery € 20,00 € 8,15 € 5,30 € 4,10 € 1,65 € 1,00
Vokkero Flex 3M PELTOR HEADSET€ 2,20 € 1,60 € 1,05 € 0,80 € 0,65 € 0,55
Extra battery Guardian Plus€ 3,70 € 1,50 € 0,95 € 0,75 € 0,40 € 0,30
Guardian Remote Speaker Mic€ 11,85 € 4,75 € 3,00 € 2,35 € 1,20 € 0,95
  • All-in ear audio accessories are only available for purchase, on account of personal hygiene.
  • Insurance is € 0.45 per two-way radio per day
  • Prices include programming, service and maintenance
  • Prices include placement costs, call-out or shipping costs and VAT (see Rental conditions)
  • Prices for a rental period longer than 1 year upon request
  • A one-time cleaning fee is standard for headsets
Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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