TETRA trunking ATEX two-way radio

Trunking equipment is aimed at organisations with large numbers of two-way radio users and high traffic capacity (lots of calls). Thanks to the Time Division Multiple Access technology (TDMA), TETRA offers no fewer than 4 channels per frequency. Not only is your voice communication of high quality, but your critical communication is much more reliable.

A good overview, safety and guaranteed accessibility are the top priority during shutdowns & turnarounds, where not only the company’s own employees but many external (sub-)contractors are often present. And indeed, TETRA systems have been specifically developed for environments in which employee safety must be ensured.

With our TETRA ATEX two-way radios, you ensure that everyone is reachable, including in explosive environments. The ATEX certification provides the guarantee of complete safety of use in areas where flammable substances are manufactured, processed, transported and stored. The equipment can be programmed to work on your own TETRA network or on a temporary trunking system. For details, see Mobile TETRA trunking.

Product Features

  • The most efficient and reliable form of accessibility
Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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