Motorola SL1600 two-way radio

The SL1600 is a small, practical and discrete radio. This Motorola radio meets the DMR standard and is equipped with a number of practical options, such as an LED matrix display where you can see the selected channel. The device also offers voice announcement of the channels, enabling you to be sure you’re always communicating over the right channel without needing to click. For fast and efficient use of the radio, you can create a functions list.

The Motorola SL1600 can be used in digital as well as analogue mode making the radio attractive to organisations that make frequent use of analogue radios and have not fully rolled out the transition to digital.

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Product Features

  • Digital and analogue
  • 1-3 Watt transmission power.
  • Dust- and moisture-proof in accordance with IP54. 
  • Shock and vibration resistant in accordance with MIL-STD-810 D/E.