Motorola DP1400 two-way radio

More about the Motorola DP1400 radio/walkie-talkie

The DP1400 is equipped with many standard features such as suitable for both analog and digital communications and available in VHF and UHF. Furthermore, the Motorola DP1400 has superior audio quality, offers very high coverage and long deployment due to efficient battery usage. You can add up to 16 call channels. This device is widely used in industry and FAFS and has a wide range of optional accessories. The Motorola DP1400 is the direct successor to the popular Motorola CP040 analog walkie-talkies.

Both digital and analogue possible

Through software updates, you can choose to deploy the Motorola DP1400 digitally or analog. You can use most walkie-talkies on the market today in either analog or digital mode. Analog walkie-talkies are often cheaper. Digital walkie-talkies have a number of advantages over analog. In general, digital radios have a longer range and better voice quality.  With a digital walkie-talkie you can use two call groups per frequency.

Motorola DP1400 UHF vs. VHF frequency

This walkie-talkie is available in both the VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequency bands. VHF walkie-talkies operate at 136-174 MHz and work well over long distances. VHF is very suitable for large open areas such as in the sky or at sea. It will also work well for outdoor events. UHF walkie-talkies operate at frequencies from 400 to 512 Megahertz (MHz). The strong signal of the UHF walkie-talkies can be used both indoor and outdoor. They also work well in crowded buildings and can transmit through steel and concrete.

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Product Features

  • Digital and analogue. 
  • Ideal for groups of 50+ / 100+ radios. 
  • 16 voice channels.
  • Long range, high transmission power (1-4 Watt).
  • Dust- and moisture-proof in accordance with IP54.