Mobile TETRA Trunking Unit

Guaranteed communication during events, football matches or emergency drills; our Mobile TETRA Trunking Unit is regularly used on a temporary basis to enable employees to communicate safely. Safety, a clear overview and guaranteed coverage are top priority, also during shutdowns & turnarounds, where not only the company’s own employees but many external subcontractors are often present.

Our Mobile TETRA Trunking Unit is a digital trunking system that groups users according to adjustable levels of priority. This allows you, for instance, to give your emergency response team priority over all other conversations. This eliminates waiting times. The mast vehicle in which the TETRA Trunking Unit is located can be placed anywhere and the high antenna mast doubles the range of the two-way radios.

Product Features

  • Safety in communication
Marco Morelis

Marco Morelis

Senior Account Manager

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