Hytera SmartOne (XPT)

SmartOne is a professional application solution from Hytera that combines versatile professional mobile communication functions. Depending on the radio standards, several radio networks can be connected simultaneously and linked together.

SmartOne offers complete and powerful dispatch functions, such as voice calls, GPS positioning services, message functions and voice recording. Moreover, the software can be expanded to include countless plugins, such as for the display of CCTV cameras connected via IP. Browser-based web content can also be integrated, such as Big Data applications or processing.

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Product Features

  • Integration of dispatching, voice recording, short message service, GPS, CCTV cameras and gateway services in one central application. 
  • Connection of TETRA, DMR (conventional and radio bundle) and analogue (MPT1327) radio systems and private centres (PABX) and the public telephone network (PSTN). 
  • Interconnection of voice calls or message exchange between different radio techniques via a software gateway. 
  • Support of control centre workplaces through a graphic expansion on several monitors. 
  • Flexible integration of web applications through an integrated browser plugin for e.g. Big Data applications. 
  • Cabled or wireless connection with the radio systems. 


Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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