Hytera PD705 two-way radio

The Hytera PD705 is specially developed for the DMR standard. This model is equipped with GPS and an ergonomic design and is extremely versatile. Thanks to the excellent sound quality, this radio allows you to respond to all urgent situations.


Product specifications

  • Analogue or digital
  • Versatile voice calls: individual call, group call, broadcast call and emergency call.
  • Combined radio and GPS antennae, meaning greater comfort and exceptional GPS properties. 
  • Various analogue selection signals, including 5-tone and CTCSS. 
  • Dust- and moisture-proof in accordance with IP67. 
  • Shock and vibration resistant in accordance with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G. 
  • Extra services: Radio Check, Remote Monitor, Call Alert, Roaming in IP Multisite Systems and Radio Disable/Enable. 
  • Scan functionality. 
  • Analogue scrambling and secure (digital) communication with the ARC4 (40 Bit) encryption algorithm or optionally with AES128 and AES256 (128 and 256 Bit).