Hytera HM 785 mobile two-way radio

The HM785 DMR Mobile Radio is the next generation of professional digital mobile radio that offers greater flexibility and scalability. This mobile radio with DMR technology supports a single control head as standard with options for mounting the remote control head and dual control head for different environments (such as vehicles, motorcycles and fixed control rooms) for efficient communication.

The new UI interface enables faster operations and the AI-based noise reduction technology guarantees a clearer voice even in the noisiest of environments. It is also the very first DMR radio that can support the IP Transit Solution function. It comes with a rich digital mobile feature set, including a wide range and the ability to integrate into existing services, ensuring greater efficiency.

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Product Features

  • The patented button structure design gives the operator more feedback with 6 programmable buttons for custom operation for quick access to functions that are used regularly
  • IP Transit solution. First ever Hytera DMR radio that can support the IP Transit Solution function
  • 2.4 inch color screen with simple UI interaction to improve operation
  • Accessory port and Ethernet port provide connectivity to external accessories and other devices
  • High reliability through textured features that make it easy to distinguish each functional are
  • Faster cooling when using higher transmit power levels due to improved housing design
Marco Morelis

Marco Morelis

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