Hytera MD785 mobile two-way radio

The Hytera MD785S radio, featuring an ergonomic design and a user-friendly interface, has been specially developed to optimise the efficiency of the communication within your organisation. The MD785S can also be used as a fixed mobile radio.

This Hytera mobile radio fully meets the DMR standard. The MD785S ensures that users can always be reached, in every situation.

Product Features

  • Various types of voice communication.
  • Data services (such as sending text files and group messages). 
  • Automatic switching of radio cells (roaming) at all locations in Multisite Systems.
  • Supports GPS localisation and sending GPS location data as a text message. In addition, the distance and position of other radios can be determined with a GPS function in the DMR radio system.
  • Provides extra services such as Radio Check, Remote Monitor and Call Alert. 
  • Offers various options for emergency situations, such as the concealed emergency call. 
  • For a clear audio output, the MD785S has a powerful 5-Watt speaker.