Hytera HP685 two-way radio

More about the Hytera HP685 walkie-talkie

The Hytera HP685 two-way-radio is a slim, handy and user-friendly model. The HP6 series have been improved in audibility: higher volume due to custom speaker design; ringing suppression up to 30 cm; specific audio settings per situation by having 4 profiles available.

This model features increased security, accessibility and connectivity. 25% to 30% better range due to the increased reception sensitivity. It has a silent alarm by vibration function. There are also Man-down, Lone Worker and GPS options based on chosen hardware. Voice connection remains active while switching to another location based on software license.

This device has a LCD screen, combined volume and group selection button and can be used for up to 20 hours due to the new Lithium-Polymer battery. In addition, the device has various connections based on Bluetooth V5 and is standard equipped with licenses for analog, digital, conventional and XPT.

Long battery life

The HP6 series integrates proprietary technologies to reduce power consumption The latest lithium polymer technology is used in the standard battery that is lighter and smaller than ever before. The HP6 series offers long battery life of more than 20 hours with S-5-90 standard, so users no longer need to charge the walkie-talkie or replace the battery until their full shift is over.

Hytera HP685 two-way-radio UHF vs. VHF frequency

This walkie-talkie is available in both the VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) frequency bands. VHF walkie-talkies operate at 136-174 MHz and work well over long distances. VHF is very suitable for large open areas such as in the sky or at sea. It will also work well for outdoor events. UHF walkie-talkies operate at frequencies from 400 to 512 Megahertz (MHz). The strong signal of the UHF walkie-talkies can be used both indoor and outdoor. They also work well in crowded buildings and can transmit through steel and concrete.

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Product Features

  • Slim and handy model with clear audio
  • Size 122 x 55 x 31.5 mm
  • Color LCD screen - 2 lines of notification and 4 lines of text
  • MIL-STD-810 G standard and resilient to a 2-meter drop
  • Long battery life over 20 hours@5-5-90 standard due to the 2000 mA Lithium-Polymer battery
  • No emergency button
Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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