Hytera BP515 two-way radio

More about the Hytera BP515 two-way-radio

The Hytera BP515 two-way-radio is a new walkie-talkie in the Hytera range. Get to know the Hytera BP-series. Improved audio and communication is central in the BP-series: Clear and loud audio through increased power up to 3 Watts. Light and compact with a built-in intelligent noise reduction algorithm to eliminate unwanted background noise.

The Hytera BP series consists of 2 models:

  • BP515 – up to 64 channels
  • BP565 – up to 128 channels and with display

Improved user experience

Improved user experience and usability is also a big plus of this radio. Some of the benefits: Volume settings are retained when turning on and off. Solid accessory connection by multi-pin connector. Better grip by rough surface of the housing. Wide applicability by IP67 certification. The battery life of the BP5 series is also impressive. The walkie-talkies can be charged from 0% to 100% in less than 2 hours. After 1 hour of charging it can operate for 10 hours. Longer deployments are possible with the option to charge from a power bank.

Both digital and analogue possibilities

By means of software updates you can choose to use the radio digitally or analogue. Most radios on the market today can be used both analogue and digital. Analogue radios are often cheaper. Digital radiotelephony has a number of advantages over analogue. Digital radios generally have more range and better voice quality. With a digital two-way-radio you can use two call groups per frequency.


With regard to connectivity, this walkie-talkie is standard equipped with licenses for analog, digital and conventional. The Hytera BP515 radio has 64 channels divided into 4 zones. Various connections based on Bluetooth V5 possible including programming via an app.

Product Features

  • Slim and handy model 115 x 54.5 x29.5 mm and 210 grams
  • No screen, emergency button or mandown
  • 1 programmable button with optional emergency button
  • 1500 mA Lithium-ion battery
Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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