Flash Smart Com

Smart Com is highly suitable for organisations that need guaranteed communication during events; to instantly connect a group of employees at the push of a button.

Reachable Anytime, Anywhere

From securing employees who can call for assistance in case of emergencies to traffic controllers who have to make sure that traffic does not become gridlocked at certain locations. Event and permit policies require control of the risks with regard to both safety and health. A guaranteed (fast) connection is a requirement for managing these risks. Because of the necessary high availability and connection guarantee, two-way radio systems are often used. However, these systems have limitations over a large geographical area and do not have access to broadband data, which means that the two-way radios cannot be used for other applications.

Speech and Data

We have the solution for this. With Smart Com, users are guaranteed that they will always be connected at local, regional and nationwide level because they’ll have access to a protected part of the T-Mobile network with priority and guaranteed availability. This way, we can guarantee that (data) communication will always be possible no matter where you are, even with high visitor numbers and a very congested mobile network.

Full Care-Free Service

Smart Com is provided as a complete service, the mobile device with the Push-to-Talk application including the SIM card with priority. This is how Flash guarantees that the device does what it’s supposed to do, even (and especially) in emergency situations. In addition to communication in multiple call groups, Smart Com also features image transmission, data messages, GPS location for immediate on-site assistance, individual calls and an emergency button. Moreover, in consultation, it’s also possible to install your own applications on the device, such as mobile payment applications, event information or user instructions. This makes the devices multi-purpose.

The Network

The T-Mobile network in the Netherlands has been voted the best network provider in independent tests for the past four years and is characterised by its dense nationwide coverage, high availability and speed. T-Mobile also has a one-hour minimum backup power supply per site.

Control Room Application

In addition to the Push-to-Talk application, a control room application can also be included. With the control room application, users can connect with each other and the control room at the push of a button. The control room makes it possible to respond quickly to emergencies by means of dynamic groups, GPS location of users on the map and geographical sector classification. And lastly, it’s possible to remotely manage the status of the devices, which will prevent empty batteries in the field in advance.


Product Features

  • Guaranteed Group Communication with Priority
Marco Morelis

Marco Morelis

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