Flash Smart Com Control Room Application

The Flash Smart Com control room application is extremely effective for organisations that need to coordinate large groups of employees during events.

Always Transparent

A fast response to unexpected situations is very important during events and requires a complete overview of the users’ positions. By having this overview, it’s possible, for example, to quickly send the nearest security guard to an incident or the right number of traffic controllers to a bottleneck at an intersection. It’s often a great challenge to maintain an up-to-date overview in the control room.

But that’s not the case with the Smart Com control room application. This application always provides an up-to-date overview of users’ positions on a map, which can subsequently be categorised into different sectors. In addition, it’s also possible to select users on the map in order to directly control a group of users. This ensures a quick response in the event of emergencies.

Dynamic Groups

Dynamic groups can be created in the Smart Com control room application based on existing groups or employees’ geographical positions so an unexpected situation can be dealt with immediately, and by the right group of employees. With this functionality, it’s also possible to send out an alarm to multiple users at the push of a button.

Status Information

Batteries often need to be changed during long event days. From the control room application, it’s possible to check the battery status of all the devices on the premises in just one glance. The control room receives automated alarms, this will prevent users from suddenly having a device with a flat battery.

Full Care-Free Service

The Smart Com control room application is offered as a modular service. You only purchase what you need. The control room application is supplied as single unit with a table microphone or headset. Optionally, a computer including screen(s) is available. If there is no (reliable) internet available on-site, we can provide a 4G-router including a SIM card with priority. Thanks to the priority, we can guarantee that (data) communication will always be possible no matter where you are, even with high visitor numbers and a very congested mobile network. Finally, it’s possible to hire a dispatcher who will provide you with technical and operational support in operating the control room application.

The Network

The 4G router is connected to the T-Mobile network. The T-Mobile network has been voted the best network provider in the Netherlands in independent tests. The network is characterised by its excellent level of national coverage, high degree of availability, and speed. T-Mobile also has a one-hour minimum backup power supply per site.

Product Features

  • Full Control & Overview of Smart Com Users
Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Jean-Pierre Audenaerdt

Product Manager

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