Explosion-proof ATEX tablet

Thanks to technological developments and the flight that mobile applications have taken, it is impossible to imagine the industry without an (ATEX) tablet. They contribute to more efficient business processes. Think of digitalization of your work preparation, project planning, service and faults, inspections and tests, safety, time registration, declarations and education.

ATEX tablet for explosion-proof environments

ATEX tablets are explosion-proof tablets/iPads. They are used in companies where continuously or regularly large concentrations of flammable gas or dust are present. Like in the oil and gas, mining, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The biggest difference between an ATEX tablet and a regular tablet is the battery. Because of the risk of sparks, the battery poses the greatest risk of explosion. We also offer ATEX telephones.

Collaboration with Atexxo for explosion-proof cases

In order to supply ATEX-proof tablets, we use cases from Atexxo. Flash is preferred partner in the Netherlands and Belgium of these explosion-proof housings for Apple products. The ATEX tablets are robust and can be used in ATEX standardized environments. One of the major advantages of these housings is that software updates simply continue. The devices no longer need to be taken in for updates. You can install various applications on our ATEX tablets that bring efficiency and ease of use to the work floor and ensure safety in processes and technology.

With Mobile Device Management (MDM), you guard the integrity of your ICT infrastructure and prevent unwanted distribution of trusted information. You can allow or disallow the use of certain apps and thus ensure efficiency and safety. Using location services and a device lock prevents loss or theft of the ATEX tablets.

Data / Call charges

Data outside the bundle, call charges and SMS will be charged to you by means of an itemized bill from our Service Provider. For this administrative action is 10% surcharge. The subscription is based on sending data.

Examples of ATEX tablets available atFlash:

Apple iPad Mini 5 for Zone 1 case

Apple iPad 10.2 for Zone 2 case

Is your desired type of tablet not listed? Be sure to contact us. For many modern tablets (and smartphones) we can provide ATEX housing.

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Product Features

  • More efficient business processes
  • Suitable for use in environments with explosion danger
  • Different brands available