Ecom Tab-Ex® 02

The Ecom Tab-Ex®02 tablet for Zone 2 is light, compact and equipped with an Android operating system.

The tablet is suitable for various mobile operator roles covering a wide range of applications such as inventory, material tracing, operator rounds and inspection and maintenance within risk Zone 2. The 8-inch screen enables standard desktop applications to be used while mobile in explosive environments. This means operators have access to SCADA/DCS systems, enterprise systems (SAP, Maximo) and the CAD system, and can read and enter data.

Defects or variances can be identified and forwarded during inspection and maintenance work using the integrated cameras and comprehensive wireless connectivity. Experts or colleagues at the centre can then view these and determine follow-up actions.

Product Features

  • Wireless connection options such as WWAN, 4G LTE and WLAN.
  • Equipped with Android™.
  • Camera on front and back. 
  • 8 MP camera on the back with flash and option for barcode scanning.
  • 5 MP camera on the front.
  • Comprehensive security with Samsung KNOX™.
  • Suitable for use when wearing gloves.
  • NFC technology for wireless applications.
  • GPS.