DMR ATEX two-way radio

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is a European standard developed as a comparable alternative to analogue radio networks, but with all the advantages of digital technology. It guarantees more efficient communication and offers greater functionality, capacity and range than analogue radio communication equipment.

In the (petro)chemical sector, communications without two-way radios is inconceivable. Your employees must be reachable at all times for the monitoring of daily processes and in the event of a disaster.
With our DMR ATEX two-way radios, you ensure that everyone is reachable, including in explosive environments. The ATEX certification provides the guarantee of complete safety of use in areas where flammable substances are manufactured, processed, transported and stored.

Our DMR ATEX two-way radios are highly robust and suitable for use in the ATEX standardised working areas

Product Features

  • Digital, robust and explosion proof
Marco Morelis

Marco Morelis

Senior Account Manager

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