Apple iPad with ATEX zone 1 & 2 cases

ATEX Apple iPad with Atexxo enclosure

Atexxo Manufacturing’s cases make Apple iPad suitable for use in hazardous locations. The explosion-proof iPad are originally manufactured by Apple then converted and certified to ATEX guidelines by Atexxo. This makes the tablets suitable for safe use in gas/vapor zone 1 &2 hazardous locations.

Compliance with ATEX / EX regulations is achieved by modifying the casing along with the intrinsically safe electrical circuitry, making the tablets suitable for safe use in hazardous locations. All features of the original product are retained. Even the face scanner can be used safely in hazardous locations.

Cooperation with Atexxo

Atexxo Manufacturing BV is an international company specializing in explosion-proof IECEx and ATEX product design and manufacturing. They design and manufacture explosion proof products suitable for use in ATEX Zone 1 and Zone 2 (gas explosion hazard), and/or ATEX Zone 21 or 22 (dust explosion hazard). To deliver iPads ATEX-proof, we use Atexxo’s enclosures. The ATEX tablets are robust and can be used in ATEX standardized environments.

Flash is preferred partner in the Netherlands and Belgium of these explosion-proof enclosures for Apple products. Atexxo is also a Dutch manufacturer and that is a big advantage. Short lines, fast delivery times and direct follow-up in case of breakdown or defect reports.

Atexxo explosion-proof casis for iPad

Atexxo’s solutions ensure that the devices comply with ATEX Zone I or Zone II certification. All the features of the original product are retained. One of the important advantages of these housings is that software updates continue. Therefore, the devices no longer need to be taken in to perform updates. Due to the rugged design, the speaker has limited sound volume, for sound functionality it is strongly recommended to use a separate ATEX Bluetooth Headset!

Looking for an iPhone with ATEX casing?

Flash offers Atexxo iPhones and iPads on a purchase as well as short and long-term rental basis.

Product Features

  • Fully functional Apple device
  • Available for Zone 1 & 2 hazardous locations
  • Certified according to ATEX directives

Available ATEX iPad models

TypeATEX zoneMemory
iPad Mini 6Zone 1 & 264 Gb & 256 Gb (WIFI & 4G)
iPad Pro 11Zone 2 128 Gb, 256 Gb, 512 Gb, 1 Tb & 2 Tb (WIFI + 5G)
iPad Mini 5Zone 1 & 264 Gb & 256 Gb (WIFI & 4G)
  • Interested in other models of iPads? Contact us for the options.
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