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Why opt for Flash Smart Com?

Would you like the ability to reach all your employees located within and also outside your company with a press of a button? Would you like to guide all your drivers nationwide? Do you organize short events where direct communication is needed for safety? Would you like to provide your regional home working employees with an app on their smartphones which they could use for direct communication? Do the dike guards of your remote water authority need the ability to contact you with a press of a button? Shortly, do your employees need to work in a safe environment and always being able to count on the communication during critical situations? 

Flash Private Mobile Networks offers a Push-to-Talk solution for national communication. Anytime, anywhere, with priority and guaranteed availability.

Enforcement Municipality of Almere

Enforcement municipality of Almere tested the Smart Com solution for 3 months. It is in their importance to have a great coverage and the ability to always communicate. Especially in buildings, parking garages and rural areas.

After 1 month of testing, Gert Jan Wolf asked Jaap Kroese of the camera surveillance municipality of Almere, how successful the Smart Com solution was applied. Watch the entire interview in this video.

Flash Smart Com can be used at:

Practical and/or national communication

For practical communication during small events, for neighbourhood watchmen and construction sites, Flash offers a Push-to-Talk service for national communication. We also offer the following:

  • A complete service (Push-to-Talk app, SIM-card, network connection and device);
  • An unlimited amount of users and 8 groups;
  • National coverage via the T-Mobile network;
  • GPS for location determination
  • A quick call origination of 0,5 seconds;
  • Direct and flexible deploy ability.

Business critical communication

Flash Smart Com Advanced offers a Push-to-Talk solution for business-critical communication for city guards, security, emergency services, water boards, large event organizations or  utility companies by expanding with:

  • Priority on the network;
  • High availability and reliability

Mission critical communication

For mission critical communication within the industry, (petro) chemicals, transport & transhipment and for the non-governmental organization for public order and safety. Flash Smart Com Unlimited offers extra security by expanding with:

Flash is the first in Europe when it comes to mission critical communication on a commercial mobile network.

Modular purchase

Would you like to decide for yourself what you purchase from us? Then opt for the modular purchase. We would happily advise you on the models to be used (and tested by us) that guarantee the best operation of the Push-to-Talk service.

Why choose for Flash Smart Com?


When choosing for Flash you choose for assurance. We offer you guaranteed priority network access on the T-Mobile network. Over the past three years, the T-Mobile network in the Netherlands has emerged as the best network provider in independent tests. T-Mobile guarantees a high data capacity thanks to the large amount of sites (>5000)

T-Mobile’s network is characterized by its dense national coverage, high availability and speed. T-Mobile also has a backup power supply of at least one hour per site.

In addition, we offer you extra assurance by offering a second network provider as a fall-back option, so that you have maximum availability. We offer you assurance by offering priority levels, so that your employees can always communicate, (and especially) in critical situations.

Flash Smart Com is built according to the 3GPP standard and is ready for connection to existing (TETRA) networks, new private LTE systems and a migration from 4G to 5G.


When choosing for Flash you also opt for flexibility. We offer a complete service, with no restrictions on the number of users and groups. You can also opt for the modular purchase. We can link your existing systems to the Push-to-Talk service. We offer you a growth path with integration possibilities.

Full Service

Finally you opt for a full service. We offer you customization and support on location, so that you are not only assured of a service partner, but also of a partner who thinks along with you to fulfil your communication needs as well as possible.


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