17 September 2021 4 minute read

The Flash Connect Box – A smart solution for ERT & Building Management!

Want to work even more efficiently and switch to the right person faster? For building and facility management, the Flash Connect Box connects all machines and people so the right people can take immediate action. This can include linking fire detection, access control, intruder alarms, climate control, two-way radio, smartphones and all other conceivable building management systems. Messages for your Emergency Response Team (ERT) will also be received directly on their two-way radios or smartphones, so that everyone can switch immediately to inform everyone in the event of an emergency.

The Flash Connect Box offers the combination of a reliable alarm system for building management with an alarm for the ERT organisation to act as efficiently as possible. Flash Private Mobile Networks offers two possibilities for this, either a link to your local paging system or via the Smart Alert App on the mobile phone. Both solutions offer many advantages that make alarms in emergencies or calamities incredibly effective.

Time saver

The great advantage of the Flash Connect Box for building managers is that it eliminates the need for front desk staff or other persons to follow up on an emergency. This saves you time at the moment that every second counts. The distinguishing feature is that you only have one system with a link to both two-way radio and the smartphone app, and all this at an attractive price. Or do you prefer renting? This is also possible at Flash.

The switching between telephony and two-way radios is well thought out in advance. In consultation, all possible scenarios are discussed and who should receive which notifications and on which device, so that the right information is sent to the right devices and people immediately in the event of a disaster. This can be a push notification on your smartphone or a voice or text message on a two-way radio.

The advantage for the user is that alerts are delivered to the device that most users have with them anyway, namely the smartphone. In addition, it offers extra reliability on site when the message is sent to the two-way radio, as this network is much more reliable than the mobile network, which does not necessarily have the same coverage everywhere in a building.


Especially for emergency response teams and facility service users, the Flash Connect Box is a great solution. Facility managers are often also the head of the Emergency Response Team and responsible for the alarm process. Building alarms can also be routed to technicians outside the building, giving them 24/7 control of what is happening at their premises. Linking takes place physically on site via the interfaces available from the relevant systems.

The Flash Connect Box is modular, with the following possible connections:

  • Linking fire alarm centres;
  • Linking emergency buttons (fixed and wireless);
  • Linking building management systems;
  • Linking two-way radios (speech and text);
  • Linking GSM (app and text message).

You can choose what you need, and you only pay for things that are actually used!

The right information with the right person

Flash Connect Box combines various external communication systems into one integrated control system. It enables you to process machine notifications and send the right message at the right time to (groups of) people or devices. You can work more efficiently, with fewer staff with technical knowledge. Based on pre-programmed scenarios, text messages can be sent fast and error-free to two-way radios or GSMs, via text message or push-message. This can be done automatically, after receiving notification from a machine, or by manually touching a button.

  • More efficient management of your machine park, with fewer staff;
  • Lower costs through optimisation of preventive maintenance;
  • Breakdowns are resolved more quickly;
  • 24/7 monitoring of your employees and business processes;
  • Easy to expand;
  • Optional: complete local installation.

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