17 September 2021 3 minute read

Scoop: The MOTOTRBO Ion

The robust MOTOTRBO Ion smart two-way radio is the first Motorola device with all-in voice and broadband data options for business-critical communication. This device has everything in one: the guaranteed functionalities of a two-way radio in combination with the operation of a smart device. It is able to connect to different networks such as 4G LTE and Wi-Fi. In addition, the device also has the option to communicate via the digital MOTOTRBO protocol and in analogue mode, which makes it possible to communicate with the most common two-way radio systems, such as simple Emergency Response Team two-way radios. The device makes it possible to combine functions and supports all apps from the Google Play Store and is Android Enterprise Recommended.

Stay connected via networks and devices. Bring business-critical data and workflows together. Make sure that the possibilities your employees need to perform optimally are always available.

The model is designed to be extremely powerful, using strong materials on the interior and exterior. The robust touchscreen also ensures high impact resistance. The 4-inch colour touchscreen is made from the well-known Gorilla Glass, which is used in most high-end smartphones. In addition, the touchscreen works with gloves up to a thickness of 4 millimetres. With this model, your teams can easily stay connected via different networks and devices. You can also easily combine other business processes into simplified workflows. The possibilities for employees to perform at their best are always available thanks to the different network options and app extensions.

Features MotoTRBO Ion:

  •  Android open platform
  • Android 10 / Google Mobile service and Android Enterprise recommended

Full Device management for both:

  •  DMR environment
  • Android environment

Combination of DMR two-way radio and Smart Device:

  • Speech via DMR
  • Data via (private) LTE and/or Wi-Fi
  • Suitable for Push-to-Talk
  • Supports BT 5.0 also at indoor location
  • GNSS (all common protocols)

Robust design:

  • PTT button
  • 3 programmable keys
  • Multi-pin Accessory Connector
  • Desk charger
  • Top Display
  • Camera
  • Light
  • High-capacity battery Impress 2, 2820 mAh

As a UHF DMR two-way radio:

  • Equipped with all system licences (Capacity plus single and multi-site) Capacity Max
  • Man down
  • Emergency button
  • Complete remote management and programming
  • Several wired and wireless accessories
  • Speaking/listening set
  • Remote Speaker microphone

Use of the device in combination with speech, data and Push-to-Talk. For example, work orders, email traffic, intranet and internet and other business applications. Ideally suited for the workplace but also for middle and senior management.

Interested in all features and functionalities? Our product manager Jean Pierre Audernaerdt tested the MotoTrbo Ion for two months in practice and shares his thoughts here: https://vimeo.com/566012262

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