17 September 2021 2 minute read

Safety & efficiency during turnarounds, shutdowns and maintenance shutdowns!

The season for turnarounds, shutdowns and maintenance shutdowns is in full swing and we enjoy every request we can process. We know better than anyone what a turnaround, shutdown or maintenance shutdown involves and how important it is to deliver the right equipment on time. Throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, our employees are working hard to supply all the two-way radios and communication networks that are reliable and available for safe and efficient working. Our rental fleet consists of 26,000 different two-way radios, smartphones and tablets that are used in both ATEX and non-ATEX environments. This allows us to respond flexibly to situations where extra equipment is required immediately. The equipment has been checked beforehand, everything is of course in good condition and the service is included.

Flexible rental periods

Our customers call us immediately to order extra two-way radios in the event of unforeseen expansion. We also offer different options for contractors and subcontractors who are not connected to the closed two-way radio networks of their customers to be able to operate directly. We take care of the programming and issuing of the ATEX two-way radios, smartphones and tablets and solve malfunctions 24/7. This way, the organisation does not run the risk of work interruption due to communication disruption and you do not have to worry about it.

Safety comes first

Optimal safety during turnarounds, shutdowns and maintenance shutdowns is the top priority. Minimising the risk of accidents and fires, proactively preventing incidents and working efficiently with smartphones and smart devices are the spearheads of Flash’s communication solutions. We strive for guaranteed security by providing comprehensive and customised communication solutions that optimally integrate people, technology and knowledge sharing. Our certified staff have the necessary knowledge and experience to organise the right communication solution for a turnaround, shutdown or maintenance shutdown, in the form of ATEX equipment or fully integrated systems for process control and alarm monitoring.

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