17 September 2021 4 minute read

Renting a two-way radio is a sustainable solution

The professional two-way radio is an indispensable tool in industry, security, logistics, construction, healthcare, warehousing, retail, business, events and government. The traditional two-way radio is still the most reliable means of communication when it comes to security. While today everybody is glued to their phone, it is definitely not a lifesaver. In this article we explain the advantages and possibilities of a two-way radio compared to a mobile phone, and why renting a two-way radio is a sustainable solution!

Operational safety

Especially when human lives are at stake, guaranteed mission-critical communication from a two-way radio offers 100% operational safety. A two-way radio works on a protected frequency and is not dependent on a provider. In the event of a power cut, high congestion or other problems, a two-way radio will always work, unlike a mobile phone. Two-way radios work under all circumstances and are used in essential sectors, from the maritime sector to healthcare, for a reason. This involves always consulting with the customer to find the most workable solution while Flash takes care of system integration.


With our stock of 26,000 two-way radios, smart devices and auxiliary equipment, we can serve everyone quickly. Thanks to this multi-purpose assortment, we can offer a tailor-made solution to as many sectors as possible. For example, Flash uses explosion-proof ATEX two-way radios for projects during turnarounds and maintenance stops in large factories. For the maritime sector, we supply two-way radios that can withstand extreme (weather) conditions and that work on special frequencies. In the healthcare sector, we provide special smart devices that are very easy to clean hygienically (waterproof, just wash with soap and water under the tap!), and to the security sector we supply detective earpieces linked to the two-way radio system. This is just a selection of our product range and services as a system integrator. We always look at the needs and network conditions for optimal accessibility. If necessary, we often install a repeater to cover large distances and for good coverage at events, festivals and concerts.

Two-way radios vs telephones

The advantage of a two-way radio is its reliability, accessibility and direct communication. Another advantage is the convenience. Unlike a mobile phone, you don’t have to unlock your two-way radio, open the appropriate phone app, select a contact or dial a number. You also don’t have to wait for someone else to pick up and you can address a whole group at once. Plus, you don’t have to rely on a well-functioning network or Wi-Fi, which can cause downtime or congestion, especially if you use it a lot during emergencies, in places that are difficult to reach (such as basements, tunnels or steel structures) or at busy times like New Year’s Eve. Another advantage of the two-way radio is the convenience: you press the button and you have direct communication, anytime, anywhere.

Sustainable solution

At Flash, we always review the needs with the customer in order to provide the best solution. As a system integrator, we have over 25 years of experience in the essential sectors and always advise on how to use resources as efficiently as possible. A circular economy is becoming increasingly important and fits well in our policy for sustainable solutions. Of course, cost is always an important factor here. Flash calculates the most profitable option for its customers: rental, lease or purchase. When renting two-way radios, service and maintenance are included, which means that you immediately have a broadcasting licence and the most up-to-date equipment complying with the latest legal requirements. Defective devices or batteries are replaced immediately and the use is never more expensive than expected. Through our convenient online portal, users can easily log on, receive e-learning instructions and keep up to date with repairs or maintenance. In addition, you only have to pay for the period that you use the two-way radios. Purchased two-way radios are often lying around unused in a cabinet, because in many cases they are only used for projects. In the meantime, however, the batteries are deteriorating. On top of that, it’s also better for the environment, as it requires less production.

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