12 May 2021 2 minute read

Push-to-Talk Application – Direct and Smooth Group Communication

Push-to-Talk guarantees direct voice communication and works via a mobile application which enables users to easily communicate with each other in groups. Flash Smart Com enables individual Push-To-Talk calls, chat or group calls, SOS calls and the possibility of sending messages to contacts. Especially during a crisis, emergency or big event, it’s important to have priority over the mobile network.

The app allows you to communicate via your own smartphone with your own data plan, which is a huge plus! Moreover, you can programme an almost unlimited number of groups. You can always see if contacts are available, the quality of the speech is excellent, information is digitally encoded and it cannot be tapped.

Our application is specifically designed for mission-critical communication, and the Push-To-Talk function with priority ensures that you have coverage and are connected in no time. This is because Flash Smart Com works within a protected area of the T-Mobile Network, so that connection and communication is always possible, even when the network is congested.
Communicate with several people or groups simultaneously at the touch of a button, whether on site, regionally or nationwide. This is how you guarantee security and reliable communication for your employees at all times. Alternatively, you can opt for a Smart Device: With the physical Push-To-Talk button, connection is immediately available, just like with the standard and trusted two-way radio, but with additional functionalities. All devices or terminals are, of course, programmed, customised, delivered and managed.


• Optimal security through fast connection times and group communication;
• Always in reach because there are no geographic limitations;
• Can be used as software or with physical emergency button;
• Cost-effective if using own hardware.

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