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Paging- Direct and Unambiguous Information

A paging system operates with such high reliability that receipt of the message is guaranteed. Paging is based on sending a message manually or fully automatically via one-way radio communication. It’s widely used in hospitals and security and is an easy way to send a short 60-character message.

Direct Information

The concept of a paging system is simple; information from various sources (PC application, ESPA 444 signal from the fire alarm control unit, email message, alarm button, external contact, etc.) is directly translated by the system (POCSAG transmitter) into a text message and sent to a pager (POCSAG receiver).


In contrast to all kinds of individual protocols from various manufacturers, POCSAG is a global standard in the area of paging. This enables the equipment from various suppliers to be combined to produce a customised solution for every user. Pagers inform employees immediately.

Pager Benefits:
• Efficient business processes thanks to unambiguous and direct information;
• Always in reach thanks to one-way radio communication.

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