12 April 2021 2 minute read


NEXEDGE is an open standard for public land mobile radio systems for direct person-to-person voice communication. With FDMA technology it’s possible to communicate in both analogue and digital mode; it’s also possible to switch between these modes automatically. NEXEDGE devices have the benefit that they can communicate with both analogue radio and a trunked network. NEXEDGE is known for its clear voice quality, even in noisy environments, and digital encryption prevents tapping.  

NEXEDGE offers one channel per frequency, but gives the user twice the capacity of a comparable analogue system. The distance that can be bridged is in many cases larger than that of DMR.

NEXEDGE is an excellent choice for companies that want to switch to digital but find that TETRA is just a bit too ambitious. NEXEDGE offers very good value for money and is cost-effective from as few as 20 two-way radios. NXDN is a digital communication technology that is most similar to DMR. The big difference is in the bandwidth. DMR requires a bandwidth of 12.5 Hz, while NXDN uses only half (6.25 Hz).

Modular Expansion

NEXEDGE is designed as a fully modular system. This means it can be fully adjusted to the current needs of the organisation, while taking account of future wishes. It’s even possible to continue using existing analogue equipment in combination with NEXEDGE, because a NEXEDGE channel can be shared between analogue and digital users.

Benefits of NEXEDGE:

  • Cost-effective;
  • Unique flexibility;
  • Always in reach thanks to long-range distance.

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