17 September 2021 4 minute read

Flash Private Mobile Networks celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Flash has reached its 25th anniversary and we’re celebrating! Over the past 25 years, Flash has developed from a two-way radio rental company to a market leader in business and mission-critical communication and information solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Rotterdam, 24 June 2021. The enormous efforts of the entire Flash team have ensured that Flash has grown from a small rental company for two-way radios to an innovative service provider in business and mission-critical communication. Director-owner Simone van Putten: “Our goal is to make the work of professionals in essential occupations safer and more efficient. We guarantee security and efficiency in critical communication and always have our eye on the best technological solution. Of course, communication is only one component of a bigger process, but it’s a very important one. Because when every second counts, our solutions have to work at all times. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. And we – as market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium – have been doing that for 25 years. We understand communication needs and design, install, maintain and manage reliable communication networks. We support our customers’ technological processes so that they are and remain successful in their respective markets.”


Over the past 25 years, Flash has undergone tremendous development, in which a sustainable relationship with the customer is at the core. Simone continues: “The basis and the core values have remained the same. We always think carefully about the consequences of certain decisions and examine all steps thoroughly without losing our agility. We focus on a long-standing relationship with the customer that truly feels like a partnership. We are extremely proud of our customers’ loyalty. We grow together in line with technological developments, and no two years are ever the same: that’s what makes our job so fascinating and interesting.”

Technological development

Over the past 25 years, Flash has experienced tremendous growth on this market and has developed into an experienced consultant who keeps track of innovations and translates these to the workspace. Flash fully integrates developments such as machine-to-machine communication, the internet of things and business intelligence. As the only company in the Netherlands with guaranteed priority on the national network, Flash offers a wide range of technological solutions and functional applications that make a big difference in traditional critical communication. Flash is also the market leader with the largest rental fleet of over 25,000 (ATEX/non-ATEX) communication devices and associated networks in Belgium and the Netherlands. Flash connects companies, people and systems in a smart way and is prepared for the future!

Vision for the future

To guarantee safety and efficiency at the highest level, Flash offers a future-oriented full service. In the years to come, Flash will continue to play a leading role as the leading connectivity partner in (mission-) critical communication. Simone continues: “New technologies are appearing on the market at an unrelenting pace and this constantly changing playing field demands agility. That’s why we always think proactively with our customers to offer the best solution. Smart Com is a good example of this. Our guaranteed priority on the nationwide T-Mobile network through our subsidiary PrioCom offers a new way of critical communication. It is exactly this type of cooperation between our own companies, our partners, our suppliers and all other stakeholders that will define our future as a system integrator, in which, of course, we also keep an eye on the use of traditional systems. As a system integrator, we take responsibility for achieving the best possible results for our customers, and that requires cooperation and occasionally going the extra mile. We call this the Art of Clear Communication.”


This year marks Flash’s 25th anniversary and that calls for a celebration. Simone continues: “We are definitely not going to miss out on this moment. For me personally, it is a huge milestone: in 25 years, we have built such a beautiful, professional and healthy company, with a very strong and stable team and a customer base that is just as strong. This can only be achieved with a collective effort; we are doing it together. We will celebrate our 25th anniversary with our employees all year long and because of COVID-19 restrictions, we have decided to throw a great party at the end of this year.”

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