17 September 2021 3 minute read

Cooperation between Safeshop and Flash

Safeshop is flexible and innovative on the market and was looking for a technical innovation partner to take their communication to the next level. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they jointly developed a cost-saving solution that will change the events industry forever. With many innovative possibilities in terms of safety, efficiency and with the guaranteed safety that you are used to. Curious about what we can do for your organisation?

Everything under control

To establish a good working relationship, Flash always asks its customers about their ideal situation if they were to think out of the box and into the future. Safeshop was looking for communication for their customers that offers guaranteed safety to all parties involved under all circumstances. Flash is the only company in the Netherlands and Belgium to have developed this advanced mission-critical service on a nationwide network that is guaranteed to work at all times.

Safeshop’s Steven van Dal and Melvin Reingoud: “During the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry was at a standstill, which gave us time to evaluate in order to come up with an even more efficient plan of action. We know the market very well, we know exactly what the customer needs and we’re always looking for innovative ways to work even more cost-efficiently. Flash offers flexibility, a high level of service, knowledge, experience and technological innovation. They have the largest rental fleet of two-way radios in the Netherlands and Belgium and can easily scale up. In addition, they’re the most innovative system integrator that offers the event industry many new opportunities. Flash is also used to supplying to big productions and ensures that the service is perfect. Together with Flash, we have the capabilities to handle large crowds during events.”

A strategic cooperation in safety and the security market

Flash Private Mobile Networks (PMN) account manager Sander Berkhout sat down with Melvin Reingoud and Steven van Dal from Safeshop, listened to what they wanted and examined the communication situation. Their previous cooperation at Latin Village was a huge success and both companies believe that a strategic cooperation will strengthen their position in the market. With the innovative Smart Com solution, Flash offers Safeshop unique opportunities for safe and efficient working during big events. Simone van Putten, CEO Flash PMN: “Flash Smart Com was looking for a solid knowledge partner to get started in the events market. Because of its network and extensive experience, Safeshop has a huge footprint in this segment. As a subsidiary of PROFI-SEC, Safeshop is its own supplier of communication tools and was looking for a new partner with innovative solutions. So the knife cuts both ways. They find it interesting that Flash Smart Com offers a future-oriented service in the field of critical communication, because they are seeing that the upfront requirements for events – such as crowd management and safety conditions – are becoming more and more complex. The Smart Com application, which allows real-time mapping of employees and even more efficient working on a single device, was the deciding factor. Our Smart Com solution will give them not only the traditional reliability of their old communication systems, but also new scalable and flexible applications that will help them do much more. Safeshop now offers tools to, among others, PROFI-SEC to improve the safety plan in a future-oriented and sustainable way.” This is a win-win situation for the safety and security market that makes both parties very content.


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