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Automated two-way radio traffic for HiSec

In the security sector, communication between the control room and field operators is crucial for a successful operation. Communication is mainly done using two-way radios. The operating dashboard can be freely configured within Flash’s Smart Control platform so it has a dynamic character.

Two-way radios come in different shapes and sizes. With or without keyboard, it can also be a pager or smartphone. The two-way radios that are on the premises can be divided into groups such as Security, Facility and Emergency Response Team.

Using the dashboard, you can send a text message to all available two-way radios in a group, as well as to individual or selected two-way radios. This message can be a pre-programmed message, or a message with free-text input. In the free text field you can include specific information in the message, such as location information. Naturally, the responses from the two-way radios also appear on the dashboard so that the control room operator can see who is on the road or at the location.”

SecuriNet integration

Without the intervention of the control room operator, SecuriNet ensures that the message is automatically uploaded to the operator dashboard. This is a pre-configured message that is created automatically at a specific type of alarm. In the background, a workflow takes place in SecuriNet, which automatically prepares a message on the dashboard when there’s an alarm in SecuriNet. This gives the operator time to check the camera images, for example, confirm the message, and the two-way radios will subsequently receive the message within a second.

We even take it up a notch in the automation of two-way radio traffic. It is also possible to configure SecuriNet to automatically send a message to the two-way radio(s) in case of a certain type of alarm. This is particularly useful when an emergency arises that requires a security guard, an Emergency Response Team member or a facility to be on site urgently. In this situation, the workflow is set up in such a way that with the alarm in SecuriNet, a message is immediately set up on the dashboard and sent to the two-way radio in that group. Imagine if there is an AED alarm when every second counts.”

About HiSec: Security with simplified complexity and manageability

“Our passion is to integrate diverse and complex security systems and create the best security management solution for them, just like an ‘umbrella’ against the rain. We develop and use intelligent and modern technologies. Specifically, we offer hardware and software for burglary signalling, access control, integration & security management systems. As part of a security management system, we create efficient management environments for control and insight.” Check out their website here: https://www.hisec.nl/


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