1 May 2021 2 minute read

ATEX – Always Within Reach

The ATEX GSM ensures you remain reachable while mobile, even in an explosive environment.

Explosion proof communication is a must in the (petro)chemical and industry sectors. Not a single company takes risks in this area. The use of ATEX devices is mandatory and, thanks to the ATEX certification, you are guaranteed complete safety of use in areas where flammable substances are manufactured, processed, transported and stored. Companies often choose to purchase the same type of ATEX device for the entire plant, regardless of the differences in zones and standardisation on the company’s site.

Lone Worker

In the industry, people regularly work under high-risk conditions without direct supervision. For example, an employee walks alone on an industrial site and has an accident or loses consciousness. In the Smart Alert App, there is a special Lone Worker function, also called fall protection or no-move detection. This Lone Worker function asks an employee every X amount of time whether they are still active. If there is no timely response, the app raises the alarm and triggers a follow-up.

Lone Worker Protection

Employees who work alone or in remote locations need extra protection. With the Lone Worker Protection function, they send an alarm to the alarm centre at the push of a button. The function also monitors the activities of remote workers and triggers an emergency situation if a worker fails to respond to periodic warnings.

Man-Down and No-Move

The safety of your employees can be guaranteed even better with the built-in Man-Down and No-Move functions in two-way radios. These signals are active safety measures that indicate that an employee has fallen, taken ill or spent too long in an undesirable position. During such cases, an alarm signal is sent to other two-way radios or to a central control room, and the location of the incident can also be displayed.

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