Mobile device management: remote management of smart devices

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have become indispensable tools for productivity and efficiency. At the same time, they pose a security risk. Mobile device management (MDM) from Flash Private Mobile Networks helps protect applications, data and content. For example, by regulating the use of certain applications, functions and settings and configuring geofences.

The importance of mobile device management

Organizations have become increasingly dependent on mobile devices. In many cases, the mobile applications being used have even become crucial tools for productivity and efficiency. Only: once critical business data is on the devices, they pose a security risk. Partly due to an increase in the number of employees and the number of types of devices, it is more important than ever to properly manage and secure mobile devices. Fortunately, mobile device management (MDM) offers an adequate solution.

What is mobile device management (MDM)?

An MDM platform allows all mobile devices to be managed and secured, regardless of device type or operating system. Where mobile security and unified endpoint management, for example, have more of a user-centric approach, MDM is really about the devices themselves. MDM protects applications, data and content by enabling organizations to use software to secure, monitor and manage mobile devices and enforce security policies.

Flash PMN’s MDM solution: managing mobile devices efficiently

MDM from Flash Private Mobile Networks (Flash PMN) simplifies the management of your mobile communication devices with an end-to-end solution that manages devices, applications, information and security, while allowing employees to remain flexible and productive without (unnecessary) restrictions. The service relies on a number of pillars:

Management function: what can users do?

With the management function, the applications and functions that can and cannot be accessed by users can be selected. This can be set for each user profile. For example, you can bar the use of browsers, YouTube or the Play Store. Indeed, in a rare case, certain applications can cause process- and mission-critical applications (such as Flash Smart Com) to fail. Moreover, this way, employees working in hazardous environments can be protected from distraction by unwanted applications. Nice touch: fewer distractions means more efficiency and thus cost savings.

Function management: user-specific settings

Flash MDM allows you to allow or deny certain functions on devices. Think of functions such as the camera, SD card, factory settings and installing from unknown sources, but also the ability to enable or disable settings for wireless functionality such as GPS, Wi-Fi, NFC and roaming. Feature management prevents certain settings from being accidentally changed. This can be critical. For example, inadvertently turning off location or connections can mean the difference between life and death in (automatic) alerting via applications such as Flash Smart Alert and LoneWorker Protect.

Location-based services: geofences

You can configure MDM profiles so that they work in a specific location or, on the contrary, are blocked, with the location indicated via a geofence. This can be a specific production area, for example, or a geographic area such as a city or country. On a map, you can draw in the relevant area. By leaving an area, the profile associated with a device can be changed. A good example is activating a very restricted profile, which prevents apps from being opened, shields data and disables calls, for example. When a geofence is breached, a notification can be automatically sent to the device and/or administrator. These types of geofences are effective ways to prevent corporate information from falling into the wrong hands.

Telecom expense management

The MDM telecom expense management feature allows you to set permissions for dialing specific numbers. In other words, you can allow or deny calls to certain (types of) numbers. You can also limit data usage so that a certain data limit is not exceeded. The purpose of this feature, of course, is to avoid unexpected or unexpectedly high (especially international) call and data costs.

Mobile Device Management with Flash Smart Com and Flash Smart Alert

MDM can be purchased modularly in combination with Flash Smart Com and/or Flash Smart Alert. Flash Smart Com is our secured push-to-talk service for smart devices with guaranteed availability and priority on T-Mobile’s 4G network. Flash Smart Alert is o