Being hospitable, maintaining order and having oversight; to do their important work well, security guards need to be able to count on their communication devices. Both in calm and in emergency situations.

Security guards need to be able to connect to colleagues and the control room at the push of a button. Flash offers two-way radio and pager systems with complete coverage, regardless of the size of the area to be secured. The alarm response can be linked to advanced systems such as Man-Down protection, Loneworker protection, location determination and surveillance systems.

A person starts to feel sick at a business premises. There’s a break-in in a museum. A shopping centre has to be evacuated. Whatever happens, your security guards must be able to oversee the situation and keep calm. Especially in emergency situations, good mutual accessibility is an important prerequisite to ensure continued safety.

Implementation and Maintenance

We offer all the features necessary for flawless communication between employees on the ground, management, the control room and emergency services. We will identify the right solution for your situation on the basis of a pre-screening and meetings with you. The result is a customised solution that we will implement as well as maintain, so you can keep your organisation accessible and safe 24/7.

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