During an event, the pressure on the communication network is high. Nevertheless, event organisers and emergency services must be able to reach each other at all times.

A safe event largely depends on good communication. With a fleet of more than 26,000 two-way radios, smart devices and innovative solutions, we have everything you need to keep your event safe. Guaranteed communication, even when the network is crowded. Also in case of emergencies. Even if scaling up is necessary.

No event is the same. So we’re more than happy to help you find the best solution for your trade fair, festival or concert. We can organise large productions, scale up as required, and integrate traditional and innovative solutions for voice and data transmission.

Safe communication under all circumstances

When hundreds of people want to scan their QR code at the entrance gate simultaneously. When concert audiences all start streaming at the same time and the network gets overloaded. Even then, critical communication must be guaranteed so that the organisation and emergency workers can continue to do their work properly.

With SmartCom you don’t have to worry about this. This communication solution offers guaranteed network access with priority on the T-Mobile network. This network sets itself apart thanks to its extensive national coverage, high availability and speed.

SmartCom: real-time GPS localisation

SmartCom helps you meet the increasingly strict and extensive requirements for crowd management and safety at events. The Smart Com application is equipped with real-time localisation: the dispatcher can immediately see where employees are located by GPS localisation, so you can react quickly and work efficiently, ensuring safety and nipping incidents in the bud.

Safety Coordination

In cooperation with our business partners, we offer solutions to improve the safety plan for the event in a future-oriented and sustainable manner. Thanks to an optimal mix of knowledge sharing, technological solutions and the input of highly skilled staff, you can focus on your event with peace of mind knowing that everything is perfectly in place.


Reliable communication

Perfect coverage

Always availability

Optimal safety

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