Flash Smart Com - Push-to-Talk prioritised

Would you like to be able to reach all of your employees in- and outside your company at the touch of a button? Do you wish you could manage your drivers nationwide? Do you organise short events where direct communication is a must for security? Do you want to equip regionally working home-care employees with an app on their smartphones enabling them to communicate directly? Do your conservancy dike inspectors need to be able to contact you in remote areas at the touch of a button, too? In short, do your employees need to be able to work safely and to consistently be able to rely on communication in critical situations?

Flash Private Mobile Networks offers a Push-To-Talk solution for national communication. Everywhere at all times with priority and guaranteed availability!

Learn more about Flash Smart Com

Watch our animation about Flash Smart Com and you will get a good impression of what we can do for you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Flash Smart Com can be used with:

Practical and/or national communication

Flash offers a Push-To-Talk service for national communication for practical communication during small events, for neighbourhood watches, and on construction sites. We offer you the following:

  • A complete service (Push-to-Talk app, SIM-card, network connection & device)
  • An unlimited number of users and eight groups
  • National coverage via the T-Mobile network
  • GPS for localisation
  • A quick call origination of 0.5 seconds
  • Direct and flexible usability

Business-critical communication

For business-critical communication for city guards, security, company emergency services, conservancies, large event organisations or Utility companies, Flash Smart Com Advanced offers an excellent Push-To-Talk solution, by adding:

  • Network prioritisation

Mission-critical communication

For industry, (petro)chemical, transport & transhipment mission-critical communication, and for Public Order and Safety (POS), Flash Smart Com Unlimited offers extra security by adding:

  • Network prioritisation
  • Availability of a second mobile national network (fall back)
  • Mobile Device Management software for mobile device security
  • Integration options with a reporting application for alarm response.

Modular purchase

Would you like to decide for yourself what you purchase from us? Then opt for modular purchase. We are happy to advise you on the models to be used (and tested by us) that guarantee optimal Push-To-Talk service operation.

Why choose Flash Smart Com?

When choosing Flash, you choose security. We offer you guaranteed network access with T-Mobile network priority. The T-Mobile network in the Netherlands has emerged as the best network provider in independent testing over the last two years.

The T-Mobile network is characterised by its excellent level of national coverage, high degree of availability, and speed. T-Mobile also has a one-hour minimum backup power supply per site.

We also offer you additional security by offering a second network provider as a fall-back option giving you maximum availability. We offer you security by offering priority levels so that your employees can always communicate, even (and especially) in critical situations.

Flash Smart Com has been created according to 3GPP standards and is ready to be connected with existing (TETRA) networks, new private LTE systems, and migration from 4G to 5G.

You’re also choosing flexibility. We offer a complete service without restrictions as to the number of users and groups. You can also choose modular purchase. We can link your existing systems to the Push-To-Talk service. We offer you a path for growth with integration possibilities.

Full Service
And finally: you’re opting for full service. We offer tailor-made solutions and on-site support so that you’re not only confident in a service partner, but also in a partner who’s keeping you in mind to meet your communication needs as well as possible.