Flash Smart Alert - emergency response app for alerting and communication

Our app Flash Smart Alert allows your emergency response personnel to quickly and appropriately alert, communicate and respond to emergencies. Thanks to push-to-talk, a central dashboard, attendance registration and automated alarms, among other features, safety is maximized and your organisational ER optimized.

Rescue in an emergency

Whether it is a slip on a wet floor, a fire, someone falling off scaffolding or an accident: in an emergency, the right people must be alerted within half a second. Even if the alarm is raised quickly enough, adequate communication and response is of (vital) importance for a successful disaster. Flash Smart Alert first and foremost offers all the necessary functionality for this. Moreover, thanks to a guaranteed availability of at least 99.8 percent, our app is always the basis for a rescue in distress.

Key functionalities

Thanks to the following functionalities of Flash Smart Alert, your company’s emergency response (ER) organization can act as quickly as effectively in emergency situations:

Central dashboard

The central dashboard can be located at the reception or in the emergency room, for example. Through the dashboard, you always have real-time insight into ongoing alerts and available ER officers. Moreover, you can see at a glance which emergency responders have read the alarm messages. Have they provided feedback? Then you can see this clearly on the dashboard. Using the dashboard, you can also easily send fixed texts or self-written messages to your emergency response officers. The app is designed so that your ER personnel can immediately consult all crucial information regarding the emergency. Based on the dashboard data, you can analyze situations retrospectively and thus perfect safety processes.

Attendance registration and availability of ER officers

Flash Smart Alert offers real-time insight into the presence and availability of your emergency personnel, both through the app and the dashboard. Presence is recorded based on GPS-based geofences combined with WiFi networks. This allows you to immediately engage available ER personnel – even if you have multiple locations or buildings. Handy: by setting a minimum desired number of emergency responders per location and emergency, you do not unnecessarily burden your organization. Moreover, you will receive automatic notifications in case of understaffing.

Sending alarm notifications

Alarm notifications can be sent either manually or automatically. Automated alarms are triggered by a predefined scenario. For example, a scenario can be initiated from your fire alarm system, the app or the dashboard. Depending on the type of alarm (such as a fire or accident), different messages can be sent automatically to specific (groups of) people. This leaves your hands free in crisis situations and informs stakeholders or neighboring organizations immediately.

Receiving alarm messages

Besides sending, receiving alarm messages by ERO’s is equally crucial. With Flash Smart Alert, alarm messages arrive as push notifications on the smartphone. This always happens at a fixed volume, even when the smartphone is on silent, in conference mode or in conversation. Only when an emergency response worker has read and dealt with the alarm message does the alarm tone stop.

Maarten Jongejan

Maarten Jongejan

Product Manager

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All emergency response info in one overview

With Smart Alert, you gain greater insight into the presence of your company ER personnel.

Calls and notifications

Send targeted emergency response alerts and see immediately who receives them and responds.and notifications

Reporting and dashboard

Real-time insights and historical data on your corporate emergency response.

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Communication is key – especially in the case of emergencies. With Flash Smart Alert, users can always forward notifications to and receive notifications from other devices. Push-to-talk provides voice communication at the touch of a button. With all the benefits of walkie-talk, such as multi-user call groups. From the central dashboard, you can also easily send fixed and self-written text messages to the ER officers.


With Flash Smart Alert you not only have real-time current information, but also historical information about the course of all incidents and the staffing of your company emergency response organization per location.

Crisis Manager

You can call emergency responders as crisis managers to involve them – regardless of their location – in the emergency. Depending on the scenarios, you can divide crisis managers into groups, automatically including them in the incident management process. The phone profile is ignored for crisis managers, so you can be sure they won’t miss the alert.


Flash Smart Alert offers a licensing option for employees who are not ER officers. Through the app, they can pass on a notification of an emergency as well as receive alerts.


With Flash Smart Alert you stay in control. For example, how many emergency response officers will you give access to the app, do you want to raise the alarm from the app and/or the reception and which external emergency services or smart devices do you want to link to the system?

Maarten Jongejan

Maarten Jongejan

Product Manager

Send a message or call +31 (0) 181 25 00 25

"What adds a lot for us is the ability to use various user groups and switch between them."

Johan van Vlimmeren - Site IT Operations Lead at Shell Netherlands

Convenient links to Smart Alert

Flash Smart Alert can be optionally linked to various external systems. These links offer the advantage that alerts directly reach the correct ER employee. They can act on them immediately, allowing more time to limit the consequences. Examples include:

Emergency button/alarm button

If your employees are working alone or in remote locations, they need extra security. We can link emergency buttons to the Flash Smart Alert application. When the emergency button is pressed, an alarm is immediately sent to the central dashboard in the control room. Or when an employee has not moved for too long, an alarm signal is sent to the central dashboard.

Third-party subsystems

The Flash Smart Alert app can be linked to various external systems, based on ESPA 444, I/O or Modbus. Think, for example, of a fire alarm system.

Cloud solution and training

Flash Smart Alert is offered as a cloud solution. Not only does this completely relieve your organization, it also relieves your ICT organization. To ensure that the app can be used quickly and correctly in the event of an emergency, Flash Private Mobile Networks provides training for users.

Flash Smart Connect

Of interest in this context is Flash Smart Connect. This solution offers the combination of a reliable alarm system for building management with alarms from FAFS organizations, allowing you to act as efficiently as possible. As a result, the right people can take action at lightning speed based on messages to walkie-talkies, pagers or cell phones. Because data is tested against preset values, you can accurately anticipate (periodic) maintenance, for example. Flash Smart Connect includes not only connections that collect data about the machines and equipment, but also a wireless network over which the data is transmitted and a platform that brings all relevant information together.

Maarten Jongejan

Maarten Jongejan

Product Manager

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Our other solutions

The following solutions in our portfolio of services may also be of interest to your organization:

Flash Smart Com

Flash Smart Com is our secured push-to-talk service for smart devices with guaranteed availability and priority on T-Mobile’s 4G network. With the push of a button, users can communicate with each other via voice and data, no matter where they are. Combined with our additional services and applications such as Flash Smart Alert and the Alarm Center application, this makes Flash Smart Com an equally reliable and flexible solution for business and mission-critical communications.

Discover Flash Smart Com

Control Room Application

The Control Room application allows you to monitor and control, from a central point, all walkie-talkie users and groups remotely. Functionalities such as dynamic groups, GPS location of users on the map and geographical sector classification guarantee effective emergency communication and effective action in the event of an emergency. With this dispatcher software for PCs, you are also able to manage devices remotely.

More about this application

LoneWorker Protect

The LoneWorker Protect mobile application offers protection for lone workers who perform high-risk work. The emergency button enables immediate alarms, with the position automatically transmitted to the monitoring center. Through configurable sensors, you set up automatic alarms, such as fall detection (“man down”) and inactivity. After an alert, both the control room and any colleagues are immediately notified so they can take quick action.

Market leader in mission-critical communications

Flash PMN has over 25 years of experience in process- and mission-critical communications. Thanks to our unique combination of experience, expertise, customer focus and innovative mind-set, we have grown from pioneer to market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. Because your requirements and wishes are central to everything we do, you get a reliable communication solution that is completely tailored to your organization. Organizations that use Flash Smart Alert (to their full satisfaction) include those in government, healthcare, industry, aviation and recreation. Whatever they do, the most important thing is that they want to work safely and must be able to rely on their communication solution.

Modular full-service concept

Flash PMN offers a wide range of services, from walkie-talkie rental to setting up temporary private networks and from advice to management. Our concept is modular: you decide exactly what you want to purchase, with maximum flexibility always being the starting point. As a system integrator, we think integrally and connect different organizations, systems and people with each other in the most brand-independent way possible. We always look beyond traditional voice and data communication.

Maarten Jongejan

Maarten Jongejan

Product Manager

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