Flash Forward

To provide optimal safety, good mutual communication between employees is important. For this reason you can utilise our knowledge platform Flash Forward. The platform where you can find knowledge, user training and manuals.

In practice, many employees do not know how to use their two-way radio to be understood and heard as clearly as possible. They are also not aware of the consequences of not properly charging the battery, not turning on the two-way radio or not activating the Man-Down function. This can lead to unsafe situations and even to fatal incidents.

What does it take to make sure everyone is communicating safely and effectively? Flash has its own view on this. And that is exactly why we have developed Flash Forward. A unique platform for transfering and exchanging knowledge. Because we believe that through more knowledge, employees will better understand why communication is important. For themselves, but also for their colleagues.

In short, by sharing knowledge, we are aiming to:

  • make work processes safer and more efficient;
  • contribute to safety through user training sessions;
  • connect new technologies with practical applications.

Flash Forward includes:

  • This website as an online knowledge bank where we share relevant content with you, including brochures, manuals, white papers, articles and FAQ;An annual Partner Event featuring presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and an opportunity for networking;
  • Workshops and innovation sessions where we discuss trends and developments and share knowledge about potential applications;
  • User training sessions tailored to the work processes in your organisation and the purpose of the training;
  • Internal training for our own staff, so that their level of knowledge constantly remains at the highest level;
  • An electronic learning environment with user training sessions in the form of animations, PowerPoint presentations, user manuals and Quick Reference Cards, including monitoring, training and reporting.