Customer Appreciation Award

Flash was honoured to receive the Customer Appreciation Award from Integron. In the customer satisfaction survey, Flash was pleasantly surprised by a 8.3!

Flash was able to receive the Customer Appreciation Award from Integron, a renowned research agency for market research and customer experience.

This means Flash is the best performing organisation in the area of customer experience in the ICT & Telecom category. In the customer satisfaction survey, Flash was pleasantly surprised by a very high score of 8.3! Our customers say they particularly value our customer focus, the product knowledge and the professionalism of our employees.

Customer focus

At Flash, we are naturally attentive and customer-focused. We show we are connected with our customers. By combining our customer-focused attitude, by being aware of developments and changes in the market and among customers, and by thinking and acting from various user perspectives, we can recognise risks and opportunities at an early stage and proactively offer an integrated solution.

Product knowledge

Our employees have gained significant experience in the market and have sector-specific and technical (product) knowledge. Above all, we can apply this existing knowledge in practice. Our operational organisation is strong, which means we can provide a solution for any customer challenge. Our customer portfolio and our references demonstrate that we are regarded as an experienced partner.


At Flash, we attach great importance to providing a high level of service. We are reliable, loyal and service-oriented, as well as pragmatic and realistic in our service provision. We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers, with whom we always stick to our agreements. The fact that we work exclusively with proven technology, namely top-brand equipment and networks as well as high-quality partners, contributes to our status as a reliable partner in radio communications.

Let our customers have their say:
Liefkenshoektunnel: “We are not only extremely satisfied with the TETRA solution, but also with how Flash took a constructive and collaborative approach with us and offered solutions.”

Wereldhavendagen (World Port Days): “An event such as the Wereldhavendagen (World Port Days) demands a well-oiled product. Communication plays a crucial role in this. Flash has supported us in this in the best possible way.”

De Kuip: “Flash makes life easier. By hiring the equipment, we’ve never got anything to worry about.”

Essent: “Thanks to the excellent Flash service, we always have good operational equipment.”