ATEX certification

Our service engineers and technical consultants work in accordance with the ATEX and SSC* standards. They have the experience to work according to safety procedures.

ATEX is derived from the French name ATmosphère EXplosible. It is a standard that has been in force since 1996 and is also part of the Dutch Working Conditions Decree.

When a combustible material, an ignition source and oxygen combine, an explosion occurs. The prevention of a gas or dust explosion is paramount in the ATEX guidelines. Despite these preventive measures, an explosion cannot always be prevented. The ATEX standard is therefore aimed not only at prevention but also at the control of the effects during and after an explosion.

Explosion-proof radio communication

In the petrochemical industry, explosion-proof (ATEX) radio communications are vital. It cannot be allowable that hot components in a device or while changing the battery of a two-way radio are the cause of a devastating explosion that causes major damage and casualties. An ATEX certificate is, therefore, obligatory for all radio equipment used in an environment with a high explosion hazard. The requirements for electronic equipment in an explosion-sensitive environment to comply with are laid down in the European ATEX 95 Directive. All ATEX devices that Flash Private Mobile Networks supplies comply with this directive.

Working safely in explosive atmospheres

‘Safety, safety, safety’ is the governing motto in the petrochemical industry. In the context of ATEX and working safely with customers with mission and business critical processes, Flash Private Mobile Networks uses the VCA standard, which is subject to annual audits. Having the VCA standard shows that Flash emphasises the importance of safe working conditions for its own employees. The Flash Service Engineers and Technical Consultants are familiar with working in explosive atmospheres and have the knowledge and experience of working in accordance with safety procedures.

ATEX Apple products with Atexxo housing

Atexxo is the only company in Europe to produce ATEX certified Apple devices, making them suitable for use in ATEX zones (1 and 2) in refineries and factories, for example. Flash represents Atexxo in the Netherlands and Belgium and makes a long-cherished wish come true for many companies in the industry.

Atexxo provides iPhones and iPads with a special housing so that they meet the requirements for equipment for working in hazardous areas. This adaptation consists of, for example, making the electrical charging circuit safe or adapting the housing so that any ignition source cannot penetrate outside the housing. An additional advantage is that the devices are fully functional and can be easily updated. So the devices do not all have to be taken in.

Atexxo is a Dutch manufacturer and that is a big advantage. Short lines, fast delivery times and direct follow-up in case of failure or defect reports. We offer Atexxo iPhones and iPads on a purchase basis as well as on a short and long term rental basis. Please contact us for more information.