The Art of Clear Communication 4.0

No matter whether you call it Smart Industry or Industry 4.0, every sector has their own unique interpretation of it. At its core, it’s about making operations safer, more effective and more cost-efficient by better aligning processes and working together more intelligently. This fits seamlessly with our mission. We view our world – that of mission-critical communication – as a connected world. In which people communicate intensively with each other and with machines.

New technologies are being introduced at an unrelenting pace. New innovations regularly shake up the market, and once accepted, they are irreversible, for example, like the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing. We are also seeing a shift in the technologies we use to connect: from analogue to digital and from voice networks (DMR & TETRA) to broadband data networks (LTE). As a result, we see many processes coming together in practical applications. Users in vital professions would ideally like to carry out all their work with just one smart device.

“Our communication solutions are making a difference on the job.”

Organisations that aspire to be relevant not only today, but also tomorrow, are embracing these kinds of innovations. At the same time, it is crucial that these communication solutions have proven themselves and are safe and reliable. At Flash, we understand this like no other. Reliability is key and is very much part of our DNA. The constantly changing playing field requires not only flexibility, but also cooperation, and not just between our companies, but also with our partners and customers. Only by combining forces and knowledge can we translate wishes into functional applications. And as a system integrator, we can integrate existing technologies and systems or create new ones. We always aim to make business processes more efficient and safer, taking responsibility for the integral operation of the entire system. Guaranteed.

Because that is what we have been doing for 25 years: guaranteeing critical communication. Hardly surprising, because every day our communication solutions are making a difference on the job. In some cases, they even make the difference between life and death. That’s why a stable Private Mobile Network is central to all our solutions. We develop, maintain and manage these networks for you. In addition, with over 26,000 (Atex) two-way radios, Flash has the most extensive rental fleet in the industry, offering you extra capacity at a moment’s notice. We also stand out from the crowd with our unique Full Service Concept. You can opt to outsource all or just some of your communication needs to us. Whether it concerns the deployment of additional two-way radios or the setting up of mission-critical networks, we offer tailor-made solutions. It’s therefore no coincidence that our mission is to make the work of professionals in vital professions safer and easier with our communication solutions. With guarantees for today and tomorrow, but also sustainable migration opportunities for the near future. We call this the Art of Clear Communication.

Simone van Putten

Simone van Putten

General Manager The Netherlands

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How it began

Our story began more than 25 years ago. Literally from out of a shed, we helped industrial companies carry out their turnarounds safely and efficiently with the help of two-way radios. Soon, services were expanded to include the sale and maintenance of mission-critical radio communications networks. Our drive to improve a little every day has ultimately made us the market leader in the Netherlands and Belgium. As a group of progressive thinkers and doers, we are now active in many sectors, from petrochemicals to the Public Order & Safety sector. Today, we have the role of integrator of mission-critical communication and information solutions and we are part of the Flash Connectivity Group. The Flash Connectivity Group currently consists of three leading companies: Flash Private Mobile Networks, 2WAY BV and PrioCom BV. Our organisation has over 120 professionals who are at your service every day to advise and support you in all matters concerning mission-critical communication and information solutions.