Our CSR policy

Flash Private Mobile Networks consciously undertakes corporate social responsibility. We recognise that doing business sustainably can only be achieved if the three pillars of sustainability, People, Planet and Profit, are implemented and respected in a balanced way. Corporate Social Responsibility is anchored in our strategy and in our policy. Flash Private Mobile Networks believes this is a natural part of sound entrepreneurship.

In consultation with our clients and contractors, Flash Private Mobile Networks strives to minimise the negative consequences of its activities in the chain as much as possible. Our operations and products and services are aimed at sustainability, efficiency and preventing waste.

In integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in our organisation, we endorse the CSR principles in NEN ISO 26000. This offers us guidance and support in anchoring CSR in our organisation.

1. Accountability

Flash Private Mobile Networks takes its responsibility for the organisation’s impact on the environment and society. We realise we are responsible for the effects of our decisions and activities on our surroundings, even if the consequences are unintentional or unforeseen. The choices we make can always be justified and explained.

The Board and management of Flash Private Mobile Networks are accountable regarding compliance with the laws and regulations. Our business operations are transparent and secured in process descriptions, defined tasks, responsibilities and authorities. To this end, we use the software of Mavim Rules, which serves as the basis for the application for ISO 9001:2015 certification.

2. Transparency

Flash Private Mobile Networks is open about its activities and decisions that have an impact on the environment and society. We ensure this by providing timely, objective, clear and factual information to stakeholders about the standards and criteria we use in our business operations, our products and services.

A good example of this is the development of the Online Customer Portal, which enables customers to monitor incidents and service activities as well as checking that Flash Private Mobile Networks has correctly met the conditions set out in the Service Level Agreements. We also provide our customers with customised reports that make information from our systems accessible and clear, and can be used as a management tool.

In addition, an independent assessment is made by accountants of our processes and results based on process descriptions, function descriptions and management reviews. In 2016, this will be supplemented with the certification based on ISO 9001:2015.

3. Ethical behaviour

The behaviour of and between employees of Flash Private Mobile Networks and in interactions with others is always fair, honest and based on equality and courtesy. Respect for people, animals, the environment and the interests of stakeholders is very important here

We have translated this into our Flash core values. These core values and rules of conduct are clearly stated on our website. Flash Private Mobile Networks is keenly aware that its managers play an important (exemplary) role in safeguarding the core values and rules of conduct, and thus have a positive effect on the desired behaviour among employees. The core values are shared with the employees and anchored in the annual performance and review procedures. Observance of the rules of conduct is included in the fixed annual KPIs of all employees. The handling of any complaints about unethical behaviour of our employees is detailed in the complaints scheme and can be reported to the confidential advisor.

4. Respect for stakeholder interests

Flash Private Mobile Networks respects the interests of stakeholders, takes them into consideration in its business operations and responds to them. Not only are the interests of the shareholders considered in decisions, but other individuals or groups that have rights, claims and interests with respect to the organisation are also taken into account.

Flash Private Mobile Networks undertakes various activities and actions to this end. The SLA performance is discussed in a regular consultation with customers. And each month, the shareholders are informed of the financial situation and there is an annual management review. Employees undergo an annual appraisal and performance review, and from 2016, each employee has his or her own Personal Training Plan. Employees have access to a confidential advisor and there are various consultative structures in which employees are informed and are able to voice their views on the policy of Flash Private Mobile Networks.

5. Respect for laws and regulations

Flash Private Mobile Networks respects the law and accepts it as binding. We comply with all applicable laws and regulations and our employees are informed and responsible for supervision and observance of such laws and regulations.

With respect to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE), we conduct a policy that can be trusted. The objectives of creating and maintaining safe and environmentally responsible working conditions are integrated in our organisation. Our organisation and service provision is structured such that the health and safety of our employees and of third parties is ensured and they are not exposed to unacceptable risks. Each year, the HSE policy and the SSC certification are audited by an independent organisation.

Flash Private Mobile Networks works according to the valid ATEX standard.

6. Respect for international standards of conduct

Flash Private Mobile Networks adheres to the international standards of conduct, and we do not work with organisations that do not abide by these standards. If our suppliers outsource work to countries with minimal labour laws, we require that the fundamental labour rights of the International Labour Organisations be respected.

A careful selection of suppliers is made based on supplier management.

7. Respect for human rights

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights applies to all countries and cultures. In situations where Flash Private Mobile Networks suspects that human rights are not protected, we immediately take steps to ensure human rights are respected and take absolutely no advantage of such situations.

If, for example, a supplier is active in a country where there is no legal minimum wage, this supplier must demonstrate it is paying a living wage before the collaboration with Flash Private Mobile Networks can proceed.

We ask partners and suppliers to provide CSR statements.