How we enjoy working together

At Flash, we prefer to work together on the basis of shared values. These principles represent what we believe to be important. Every day, they make it possible for us to ensure the safety and efficiency of people and the continuity of business processes. What can you expect from us?

Non-stop connections

We literally connect people with people, people with machines and machines with machines. Our motto is: in order to connect, you have to be connected yourself, and to the world around you. That’s why our customers and partners can expect us to know what’s going on in their industry and organisation. We closely monitor trends and technological developments. We also invest in relationships within our own organisation, with our partners, our customers and, of course, with our community, because we believe in shared ambition and in real cooperation. Only this brings out the best in people.


With over 25 years of experience, Flash has a wealth of expertise and technical (product) knowledge. Our clients can count on the expertise of over 120 professionals who will do anything to become and remain knowledge leaders through education, training and knowledge exchange. We are officially ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and VCA certified and work exclusively with proven technology from high-quality partners. Graydon, an authority in the field of credit ratings, has confirmed that Flash is in good financial health, so our customers can rely on long-term security.

 Only by really listening do you have the right to speak! 

An open-mind

We are honest and transparent in all our actions. It’s in our Rotterdam genes: we say what we do and do what we say. You can rely on direct and honest advice from Flash. We would also like to know what you think could be improved. Even when it hurts a little. But that’s the only way we can move forward, together. Open also means that with us you can totally be yourself. We are committed to diversity within our company. We are open to new possibilities, collaborations and technological solutions, even if they stray from the beaten path. Flash has a strong focus on growth and innovation.

Service with a smile

At Flash, we constantly respond to the changing needs of our customers. We are passionate about our work and it shows. We always look for the best solution for every situation: from renting out a few two-way radios for a turnaround to integrating different applications and technologies into one total solution. Our rental fleet of more than 26,000 (Atex) two-way radios and smart devices always offers a solution for emergency capacity issues. Our high service level and matching range of services contribute to the security we want to offer our customers.

Bastiënne Vroegindewey

Bastiënne Vroegindewey

Director Operations

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